Singapore Backpage – My First Experience


Giving out a singapore backpage web I see their unmistakable pictures, those who sent me whatsapp and feel an instant write, luck was on my side was my territory and had a place for me!

I shower, I perfume and others and to run, peak I hope 5 min down (I overtook nerves), I come back to bite and opens, I go and open the door a brunette with eyes drawn tale of the Arabian Nights and dancer’s body greets me with two kisses and directs me to the room, I could not believe what I had before me, asking me if the photo or better and can not practically word, I say that the pictures leave much be desired view reality and we kissed while I walk with my hands your body.

We make the economic transaction that singapore backpage decides and informs me that if I want ass are 30 more to what I tell him that if I put that payment at the end, gives me a towel to go to shower, have a strict hygiene system that surprised me after shower gel gave me alcohol as hospitals to disinfect my hands and I assure you rub up between the toes. I will not be the one to tell you not to be limpita hear me those details I like.

After rigorous don clean time offers me a beer and toasted what will happen, we cans in the respective tables and knelt on the bed facing each other starting the frenzy of languages.

From here a war of sex, lust I want to eat it she first floor looking excellent bj, spitting, masturbating, wishing ultimately have my penis in her mouth starts. Comes my turn I put on all fours and begin to lick up and down I love to see that ass on pomp, I pleasure in her anus and she seems to accept tasteful my anal attentions turns and squeezes for you eat pussy, it’s delicious beautiful wonderful to enjoy it, see it as tense but do not want it want it to run with my phallus, I ask the condom and begin a missionary, I wanted to see the first faces to be penetrated and did not disappoint me, leaving fire in his eyes, she starts to fuck me while I’m on top, he has great strength in the pelvis that allows you to make some not suitable for beginners movements.

Lay it upside down with one leg bent and penetrate to the bottom, I see as a note that I’m penetrating deeply and begin to imagine at that time fucking that ass, and after several shocks, fell, yes guys, this is like going to the supermarket hungry, you buy all the nasty, because I just had the money in the pocket and burned! Total dilate and I spit in that fucking pleasure GOD! It is a perfect ass and that image of my penis penetrating her ass that arched and that look made were long minutes giving mercilessly until the big moment came.

We just relaxed with beers, I smoke a cigar we start talking about singapore backpage, politics, geography, religion, family and learn a lot mutually.

I see us going time and I promise to be quick (the first was about 40 min), he wanted to abuse the body before I left but this time I wanted something with more calm, so it was a slow dust, deep with long kiss with positions where you are in contact completely when I see abuse seriously and I say that I finished in bj, some licks and I was running all over his chest.