Sg Lonely Guy – Searching For That Happy Ending

In our line of offering male enhancement products to the masses, we do have customers who happily give us reviews on our products. However, once in a while some will tell us of their explicit escapades, in this case John (not his real name) told us of his experiences with the sglonelyguy portal.

In case you, dear reader, mistake sglonelyguy for a normal dating portal, it is not. It happens to be a place where men look for Freelance hookers (FL) normally from China. However, not all are hookers. Some offer their services as masseuses, and only doing hand jobs but not spreading their lovely legs.

John has been a regular of ours for a while, and despite his slightly above average looks and a good income, would rather seek pleasure from freelancers rather than have a stable relationship (he hates drama). Often, after taking vimax, he goes on sglonelyguy to find some ‘exercise’.

But we’ll let John tell you the story from here, which was sent to us via email.

Hi guys, John here. I’m basically a sales and marketing guy in my 20s, and I will confess that I love women. Especially the doe eyed, fair skinned ones from china. I’m not boasting, but thanks to supplements such as vimax, regular exercise and good diet my penis is relatively big for a Singaporean. I’ve banged girls from China, they are so tight and complement me on the size of my penis regularly.

Why am I not married or dating? I used to have multiple girlfriends but the drama that came with them was no joke. For that amount of stress and unhappiness, I might as well pay for a freelancer and have great sex. I’m not ashamed about it, whatever the f**king feminists and old aunties may say.

Anyways, my favourite hunting ground online is sglonelyguy. Contrary to what people think, guys who pay for sex aren’t lonely overweight losers. I’ve known a few and they are white collar, normal and even decent looking men. We do it because we do not want the commitments, pain and problems of regular relationship and family. On sglonely guy you can find tons of nice China girls, most of them below 28. It’s amazing what these girls can do.

So there was once after work I was spent and decided to go for a massage. So I went on sglonelyguy and looked at the girls. I chose one named yoyo and she told me that her room was somewhere in the Chinatown area. As my office is somewhere in tanjong pagar, I was happy to try her out. So I made an appointment to meet her after work.

When I reached her place I was feeling a bit nervous. I knocked on the door and it opened. My God…I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked like China actress Crystal Liu, was around 1.55m and had flowing black hair. Her breasts were soft and smooth, and pressed against her camisole lightly. I reckon they were at least a 36C. She was wearing shorts that were so short I could see her milky white thighs.

She beckoned me into the shower where she tossed away her camisole revealing a nice wonderful pair of breasts. She stripped off her skimpy shorts to reveal tight, small curves, not vulgar and large but nice and petite.

“Wow, you’re kinda tanned and built well,” she giggled in Mandarin. While soaping me down, she stroked my balls and gave me a wink. “Wow so thick and big. Are you Asian?” I rolled my eyes. Then she suddenly started licking my nipples and stroking my balls together. I was 80% erect at this time. If I were to die and go to heaven, I would like heaven to be like this.

So she led me by the hand to the bed and asked me to lie on my stomach. At first the massage was normal. She pressed my temples, my back and my waist. She kept pressing my kidney region, saying something about the kidneys being the essential organs for sex. Strangely, I felt warm and excited when she did that.

She then flipped me around and pressed my shoulders, tummy and thighs. Her curvy naked body made me really excited and a little bit of clear seminal fluid dribbled out. She smiled and cleaned it off. Suddenly, she started licking my nipples and stroking my balls. I got hard again. She moved down to my balls, licking the raphe line. I was dying of pleasure at this point in time.

Then she looked up at me with those doe eyes and asked: “Would you like a blow job or hand job?” I hesitated and beckoned for her to come closer to my ear. She looked puzzled as most customers would tell her option A or B. I whispered into her ear “I want to have sex with you.”

She pulled away shyly and said: “Actually I haven’t done this before and I don’t really –“ I cut her off by licking her soft nipples and fingering her below. She started moaning softly and after a while said: “Okay, I’ll get the condom”

I noticed I was going soft and pointed at my penis. Lovingly, she pulled my fore skin down and ran her tongue along the vein below my penis. Every single nerve in my body was sending electric volts through it. She swirled her tongue around my glans and licked my veins. Thankfully, I had the stamina to hold my erection up without ejaculating.

So she helped me roll on the condom, which felt too tight for my own liking. “You’re so huge and thick, this condom is too small for you,” she teased. Well, baby, I’m going to give the thickness to you then. So I entered her slowly. She was tight and she closed her eyes and squealed when I was fully inside. So I started pumping her up and down. I could feel her tiny vaginal wall engulfing my penis. She dug her fingernails into my back and kept squealing and moaning like an animal giving birth.

I flipped her around and entered her from behind. She felt much fuller and tighter. While pumping her doggy style, we French kissed and I played with her nipples like little toys. Suddenly her body jerked hard backwards and nearly hit my face. “ahhhhhhhhh….” She screamed, and grabbed my hand. I felt her vagina tighten and become slightly moist.

However, I was not done yet. This time I sat up on the bed and she sat facing me and slid onto my erect penis. I licked her nipples which were hard and she was panting heavily. I then placed her on her back and continued pumping until I felt my semen entering my penile chamber.

“I’m going to blast…”I whispered in her ear. She bit her teeth and I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze my penis. I was unable to take it anymore and fired out my semen in three muscular, hard jerking motions. We collapsed, exhausted on each other.

After what seemed like an eternity, we showered and she kept playing with my limp penis as if it were a toy. I said good bye and she asked me to come back soon. Oh you bet I will.

I’m telling you guys, this sglonelyguy site is amazing. The internet is amazing, without it I’ll bet you my last dollar I’d be trapped in a marriage with two kids and a naggy wife!

Thanks John, we find it an interesting story sglonelyguy , but I doubt we’re going to leverage on its services anytime soon!