Sammyboy – The Oldest Profession in the world

Since the creation of man, he has been sowing his wild oats all around. It’s perfectly normal, however man’s other partner has not always been in agreement to tear off her panties and ride on his love pole.

That is where the oldest profession in the world comes in. Not the baker, not the blacksmith, but the hooker.

Over the thousands of years, religious institutions and the moral police have frowned upon this profession. In some countries, prostitution is banned, whereas in some, it is permitted with one eye closed.

In conservative Asia, you would be surprised to find out that prostitution is something that most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid about, especially in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and China.

Despite being banned in Malaysia, the underground prostitution scene is alive and well. Famous spots in the capital city Kuala Lumpur include nightspots in Bukit Bintang, the famous dark alleys of Lorong Haji Taib, and Jalan Gelang, where China ‘free lancers’ ply their trade.

In Singapore and Malaysia, there are a couple of ‘services’ that women produce – and not all involve sexual intercourse (One famous website that talks about such services is of course sammy boy forum) We will rank them from the least likely to end up in sexual intercourse to the direct act of sexual intercourse.

Wear your French caps…and here we go!

KTV lounges/Karaoke nightspots

A frequent haunt of businessmen, some young working professionals and those with cash to splurge, the Thai/China/Vietnamese hostesses that work in such joints are the ones attracting the men (not the opportunity to belt out the latest hit songs).

When entering one of these places, men will normally order a tower of beer, or if they closed a major deal and have money, hard liquor such as a bottle of Courvoisier or a bottle of Martel Cordon Bleu.

In most lower – mid range karaoke nightspots, the bar has no VIP rooms or maybe only one or two rooms. The dance floor is huge, and looks very similar to a normal disco or nightclub. There is usually a stage where a live band belts out hits in English, Mandarin, Thai or Vietnamese.

Here’s where it’s interesting – there is usually a beautiful girl on stage or one of the hostesses will sing a song. During this period, a lady selling garlands will walk around and pester patrons if they want to purchase a garland for the singer. Prices range between $10 – over $10,000 (Yes, some businessmen are crazy enough to pay that amount).

The guy who forked out the most amount of money for the garland will have the privilege of the hostess sitting at his table for a chit chat. She will normally accompany him to drink, play harmless games and the like. If she likes him, they could negotiate a price for sex and he would take her to a hotel for fun.

Then there is the high end KTV lounge. These places are normally found in town or slightly more exclusive areas. Now the KTV lounge is huge and normally there are lots of rooms. So a mama-san or chief hostess will bring a parade of girls in front of the businessman and his partners or clients. They will get to choose one or two to sit next to them, chat and play drinking games.

Occasionally, if things get really raunchy, the girls may offer blowjobs or hand jobs to the customer. Rarely do they have actual sex on the spot – that is usually done later when the hostess agrees to go home with the customer. KTV lounges in Singapore and China are expensive – men are known to splurge thousands of dollars on drinks, tips and paying the girls.

Massage Parlours

Very popular throughout Singapore and Malaysia, Massage Parlours fall into two categories – ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’. Those under the clean category are usually manned by older, unisex masseuse staff who are conservatively dressed or in uniform, and usually with certificates decked on the wall. The chairs and beds are usually openly displayed even for passerbys to see.

‘clean’ massage parlours usually have their fixed prices displayed and probably egg you to sign membership packages, loyalty programs or purchase some traditional products.

Those that fall under the ‘dirty’ category usually have long draw curtains, secret rooms and no certificates or proper traditional medical products on display. They are usually manned by younger, more attractive women who dress in short skirts or in provocative wear.

They usually have only one fixed price – that would be the fee for the basic massage. That would normally be around the range of $30-50. Then she would start to massage you. After a short massage, the girl would turn the customer around and start stroking his testicles and ask him if he would like any ‘special services’. That would mean either a handjob, a handjob & blowjob package, or full on sexual intercourse. Prices would vary from $50-$150

Due to the crackdown on vice by the Singapore authorities, many masseuses who offer sex only offer handjobs for fear that the authorities would suddenly come knocking on their doors.

Direct sexual intercourse

In the Singapore market, where prostitution is legal, most of the brothels are concentrated inside the Geylang area, a famous red light district. This of course, is legalized sex at its best. The prostitutes go for a medical examination twice a month, and will be issued a document known as a yellow card (yeah, sounds like soccer. The authorities are weird)

Clients usually fork out $50 for Thai or Vietnamese prostitutes and $80-$150 for China ones. A typical session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, although some men may pay for longer periods.

There is also the category of the ‘FL’ or freelancer but this will be discussed later.

A lot of men in Singapore go on the Sammy boy forum or sammy boy to exchange information and post stories of their sexual experiences. It is rather odd but this network of sex has been a useful portal of information for a while.