Sammyboy – From China with Love

Through the sammy boy forum, we managed to contact a china student who used to work as a freelancer in the city. When we got to her, she already left for her hometown in Jiangsu and is currently working in hospitality. She agreed to do an email interview with us, and gives us a valuable insight into the world of freelance girls working in town.

Wen wen was 21 when she arrived in Spore to study. She was in the lion city for two years. On the surface she looked like a normal, sweet girl…but she was advertising herself on sammy boy forum and laksaboy for the whole of 2014.

Wen wen enrolled herself into a local private institution to study but found it tough in the first year.

“It was terrible,” she recalled. Most of my classmates from Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapre spoke English. I had to learn the language fast or I would not be able to catch up in my studies.”

She also recalled her shock when she found out how expensive lodging was in Singapore. Her parents, business people back home, did give her some pocket money but she felt it wasn’t enough.

“I mean, how can people pay so much money for a small room? This is crazy!”

She pondered taking up part time jobs in SG but under her student pass rules, she was not allowed to work.

“I contemplated dating a rich guy. Back in Jiangsu I had a boyfriend whom I had sex with frequently so looking for a sugar daddy wasn’t a big moral issue.”

Her way of thinking isn’t that shocking – During the cultural revolution, Chairman Mao attempted to stamp out traditional values by cracking down on churches and temples. After his death and subsequent power struggles in the communist party, Chairman Deng opened up China to the world with the slogan “To get rich is glorious”.

China went full steam ahead into capitalism but without her past traditions of morality and social etiquette, producing masses of vulgar nouveau riche people and millennials who grew up feeling lost.

“While I was having a plate of 凉拌菜 (Basically mixed Sichuan cold dishes with a bun) at People’s Park, I overheard a bunch of men talking in Mandarin about a website where girls who were students would advertise their services. Some Sammy boy website or something. So I went back to the apartment to search.”

“Wow! I didn’t know that you could advertise your services in sammy boy forum. Amazing. So I decided to get my first customer through wechat and ask him to ‘advertise’ for me on this Sammy boy webpage.”

“It was funny and awkward taking a picture of myself in my underwear and putting sexy photos of myself on the chat application. So anyway, I just did that…and not long after I got a few calls.”

She told us that the first few calls were just duds, but eventually she got her first customer.

“I was worried. I heard stories of girls who were raped or forced to service fat, ugly customers.”

“The doorbell rang and I almost urinated. But I got a shock when I opened the door. This Singapore man, around 30+, he was muscular, well built and quite handsome. He was wearing office wear and spoke good mandarin and wore glasses.”

The first time she had sex with a stranger was at first awkward, but her first customer was surprisingly gentle.

“He was experienced and his body was quite solid. He was also quite big down there. I think he lived overseas for a while and ate a lot of western food. It was so thick, I actually felt good.”

The next few encounters were mixed. Some customers tried to negotiate, some tried to avoid paying, and some ejaculated even before they could enter her.

“Yes I did get my share of horror customers. One guy ejaculated early and accused me of applying too much pressure during the blowjob. That’s stupid. If you can’t control then why would you waste your time and money coming here? “

“Some tried to cheat me or run away. They complained I wasn’t gentle enough and all that nonsense.”

Having to study and serve customers during the night took its toll on her.

“I would be doing my homework and then customers would come. I also had to make sure my landlord didn’t find out.”

“It was a tough balancing act. My eyes looked like the panda from Chengdu.”

Her first customer came back often, and would buy her food and coffee. However, nothing materialized from that relationship initially.

“He told me he recently ended a relationship and was emotionally distant. He didn’t want to be involved with anyone. I was sad but I had to be professional – after all he was a customer not a boyfriend.”

On a good week, wen wen could earn around $1,500. There was a month she pocketed $ 4,000. However, she was not happy with the life she was living at all.

“I can’t tell my parents about it, of course. I can’t tell anyone back home. Who would marry me?”

Unlike girls her age who spent on luxury products, wen wen saved her earnings and targeted to quit two months before her final exam.

She finally did so two months before her exam and rejected all customers…except for one.

“I didn’t have the heart to reject my first customer. He would stay over my place, bring food and we would have misslawrara. I didn’t charge him any money at all – I had already saved up enough and all I wanted was his companionship during the stressful exam periods.”

“He also helped pay some of my rental and living expenses.”

Her story doesn’t come with a happy ending – Two days after her last paper her first customer took her out to dinner.

“He told me he was finally attached to a good Singapore girl and would have to let me go. Of course I was sad and cried, but I guess that’s what happens when you go into this kind of line.”

After her graduation, she promptly left the country and headed home.

“I have mixed feelings about SG and Nanyang (South East Asia) in general. On one hand, the country looks so clean and decent. On the other hand you have this underground scene with the sammy boy forum, men looking for paid sex with girls and things like that.”

“But I can’t blame society. Maybe it is out of stress or pressure that men need to look for paid sex.”

Wen wen rules out a return to Singapore, and hopes to start afresh in her home town. She is looking to focus on her work and forget that once upon a time, she was a freelancer in Singapore earning through paid sex via the sammy boy forum.