Sammyboy – Freelancing Dangerously

In Singapore and Malaysia, there are what one would dub ‘Freelancers’. They haunt forums such as Sammy boy froum and laksaboy, as well as communicate via chatting apps such as wechat. Now, although prostitution is legal in Singapore, some men love the thrill of going for a ‘Freelancer’, which is a lady who offers sexual services but isn’t a full time ‘hooker’. Let’s look at the demographic of the kinds of women who offer such services.

(Note: we apologize if the content that follows may be racially sensitive. However – it states the facts…certain freelancers tend to discriminate)

The Tourist                                                                                                     

This could be anyone. It also depends on the clientele the girl wishes to target. For instance, let’s take Orchard Towers in Singapore for example. It is possible to actually find blond and brunette freelance prostitutes there. However they do have a preference for European or American clients, instead of Singaporean ones. These are actually Ukrainians and Russians who come to Singapore on a tourist visa but illegally work as sex workers.

Filipinas can be found in droves in Orchard Towers as well, they are fine with Asian and Singaporean clients, however, they tend to prefer American and European clients. Most of them actually work in the food & beverage line or as waitresses, but of course one can always ‘negotiate’ to bring them to bring them elsewhere when the club closes.

Besides Orchard Towers, there are other places where one can find ‘freelancers’. The girls you can hook up with vary across a wide range – from China to Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Again, forums such as Sammy boy forum and apps such as wechat help.

Normally you will notice that girls from China and Thailand who are tourists tend to cater to the local Chinese market. They advertise their services on forums such as Sammy boy, laksaboy forum etc. It is also very easy for tourists from China to drop into Sigapore due to the Multiple Journey Visa scheme.

The downside is that China girls and Malaysian-Chinese girls prefer ethnic Chinese customers.

The Student

Most of this demographic comes from neighbouring countries in Asia, for example, Malaysia, China, Vietnam. Surprisingly, there are local Singaporeans, both ethnic Malay and Chinese, who are selling their bodies for a fee as well.

Most of the time, students do it because they want to cover the cost of their school fees. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, in terms of accommodation and living expenses, so some of these students have no choice but to sell their bodies for a living as they cannot take up full time jobs or part time jobs because of tightening employment laws.

The other reason for students selling their bodies is a totally stupid one – To afford luxury products. In their late teens and 20s, the lure of dining at expensive places and keeping up with the Joneses in flashing a new Chanel bag or IPhone 6 is too strong. Most young girls feel that their body is something they can sell over and over again to earn money.  Of course there are physical and psychological risks which we will cover later.

The employee

Normally, she would be a Malaysian or China PR lady working in the retail, Food & Beverage sectors, on a full time or part time basis.

Unfortunately in Singapore, such sectors do not pay well, and therefore the girls are forced to find alternative sources of income. Rental and lodging in Singapore are, as mentioned earlier, astronomical in terms of pricing and many young girls have to send money back home, therefore they resort to selling their bodies.

The employee also has to deal with not so nice (to put it mildly) customers during their day job, so amongst all the other categories above, the sympathies go out to this group.

Everything in life comes with risks. When you start a new job, you take a risk. When you start a new business, you take risks. When you join an amateur competition, you risk getting injured. Hell, even crossing the roads involves risks!

Engaging a freelancer also takes risks. Sure she’s cute, smells nice, has a nice tight vagina, and it feels good when you’re both having sex…but there are also risks associated with young girls.

Health/Physical risks

According to reports, STDs are a huge risk when deciding to engage in casual sex. The common diseases out there are herpes, gonorrhoea, urethritis and the deadly HIV (also known as AIDS).

In Singapore, ‘legal’ prostitutes in brothels are required to undergo mandatory health checks twice a month and customers are required to wear condoms to prevent the spread of diseases and HIV.

When it comes to ‘freelancers’, they do not have a pimp to bring them for health screenings. Some girls also allow their customers to ejaculate inside them, raising the risks of sexually transmitted diseases spreading like wildfire.

Even if they do not get infected, the risk is that the girl could get pregnant and end up with another mouth to feed.

Legal risks

Many young girls do not declare their actual age due to the fact that they wish to make a quick buck. Of course, when you are excited and she really makes your gonads tingle the last thing on your mind is to check her I.D, but please do that.

The legal age for having sex with a girl in Singapore is 18 years old, and it is illegal to have sex with a person under the age of 16 with or without her consent.

(Sex with a person below 16 is called “Statutory Penetration of a Minor Under 16″  – Section 376A, Penal Code)

Many tourists who ply freelance in the flesh trade often do not declare their age in order to make a quick buck. Should the girl regret and inform the authorities, or should the hotel that you bring her to check her passport and discover otherwise, the penalties could include prison and a fine.

Not worth the tight vagina of a young nymph.

Psychological risks

Ironically, paid sex affects both male and female, the seller and the buyer. If we look through the eyes of the girl offering, she may or may not have done it willingly or unwillingly. Factors such as family, home environment and society count as well.

The girl offering her services may face dangers such as being raped, working with nasty men or being verbally abused. Over time, she may get depressed, moody and suicidal. If she comes from overseas, when she returns home and people from her village/town find out about her work, they may shun her and men will probably not want to marry or settle down with such a woman.

Ironically, men can get psychologically affected too. In the act of intercourse, a bond is created and a hormone called Oxytocin is released. So sometimes men tend to go for the same girl or when looking for a sex partner will choose girls with specific looks or traits over others.

Of course, if the man can be someone who can be emotionally detached successfully, chances of him being romantically or emotionally affected are zero, but there could be a risk he ends up a sex addict, but like with all addictions, there is always a way to break the habit if one wants to.

P.S : We’re very interested to let us know your story in terms of your encounters with women who freelance. Of course, we respect your privacy and encourage you to use an alias or a pseudonym. We also guarantee that all your correspondence with us is kept highly confidential.