Locanto – Pour some sugar on me – The sugar mummy’s boy toy

In a perfect world and perfect society, everyone wouldn’t have any issues or challenges in terms of their finances and life. Everyone would have what they wished for…but unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world.

Edward (not his real name) was born into a struggling family. He tells us his story – an interesting but sad one nonetheless, of how he used locanto Singapore earn a living, not by selling products, but by selling himself online.

He is a boy toy, or for a slightly more politically incorrect term – gigolo. In an Asian society like Singapore, men who work as gigolos are frowned down upon, however, it takes more than just a pretty face to earn a living that way. We’ll let him tell his story.

Hello, thanks for telling us your story Edward. Maybe let us know a bit about yourself?

I was born in to a normal, or below average income Singaporean family. My father is a warehouse worker, and my mum works as a cleaner. My sister recently graduated from a local university and is seeking a job. Hopefully she gets a good one.

So what was it like growing up?

Life was tough. We crammed into a 3 room flat (government apartment) and sometimes, we didn’t have enough for food. I remember eating only bread sometimes. Never had a toy, and I envied my classmates who had toys, ate fast food and had parents who drove nice cars. There was once mum brought back food from KFC and we all had a feast. I was so happy when we had occasional celebrations like that.

In secondary school and polytechnic, I had to wear hand me downs. The happiest part about polytechnic was that I could work part time. This gave me some pocket money. I could buy stuff I had previously only dreamt of. Things like branded jeans, sports shoes etc. It was really hard earned money. I was screamed at and scolded at the work place. From then on, I learnt to value the dollar.

Thankfully, my polytechnic fees were subsidized by a grant. I would have to sell my backside at a younger age if that was the case. (laughs)

Was your social life affected by your status?

Not really. I didn’t hang out with the rich kids or the popular guys in school. In poly I had a couple of girlfriends but I heard from their friends that the only reason they were dating me was because of my looks. I also exercised a lot.

In my poly days, I did a lot of jogging and went to the gym. Couldn’t afford protein powder so I had to look at cheap and natural ways to naturally bulk up. So I ate a lot of peanut butter and banana. Worked like a charm.

I’m not boasting, but every girl I dated told me I had a great body and was fantastic in bed with my thick penis. So I decided, hey, maybe I will be a porn star if I can’t find a job.


So you went straight into the workforce after that?

No man, all Singapore guys have to do military service. So in the army, even though most people complain, I was quite happy – The government is giving me food and lodging to exercise and keep fit. People around me were complaining but I think if life gives you shit, you make fertilizer.

After army I looked at university but the school fees were horribly high. I also thought of being a civil defence paramedic or a personal trainer but I didn’t think they would pay well. My dad was retiring then and my sis was still in school so I needed the money badly.

Then a friend told me about Locanto Singapore. So I took a look at the Locanto site. Wow, they sell all kinds of stuff. My friend was a top ebay seller who also sold consumer products on Locanto Singapore. I thought, okay, I’ll take a look and see what I can sell online.

So I browsed through the Locanto Singapore site. Thoughts were racing through my mind. Should I import and sell gym stuff? Should I sell protein powders? What should I sell? Then I chanced upon the personals section.

Now it was at first quite shocking for me to see. Young tourists advertising themselves, young girls looking for a sugar daddy, escorts looking for clients. Then I saw young men who advertised themselves looking for richer, older women.

I never took up the idea at first. In fact, I laughed at these guys. “Hah! I’m much better looking and more buff than you guys and I don’t advertise myself online.”

So I left it at that and logged off.

What made you change your mind?

Sigh. Money. After two months, my savings were almost depleted. I couldn’t depend on my parents, and armed only with a diploma, the jobs that were advertised paid very poorly. I also met up with ex classmates and they told me their personal horror stories of office politics, stress and late nights with poor pay.

I sat down at the playground alone, cigarette in hand and a can of Asahi lite. The prospect of being a boy toy was more and more attractive. Imagine the amount of money I could earn and things I could buy! I could even help contribute to the family fund and put my sister through school.

So after a gruelling gym session, I looked at my figure naked in the mirror. I originally decided to put that photo online but was worried someone would recognize my features. So I wrote an ad without a photo instead.

It was awkward as hell.

Where there results?

Surprisingly, people responded rather quickly. Of course I didn’t feel good about some of these older women. I wanted to start out with someone who wasn’t that old and could make me feel comfortable.

I still remember it clearly as if it was yesterday. My first client was a lady from Indonesia who had come to Singapore for medical reasons. Her husband and her kids were back home but she was here alone, fiercely insisting that she was alright.

When I first met her, I was surprised that she didn’t look her age – she looked much younger. She was also rather frail for someone in her 40s. We talked at her condominium for an hour and I realised what she needed was companionship, not sex. People have the perception that we sleep with rich old women but it isn’t the case. She was just lonely.

So for the next few months, I brought her to places around Singapore, had high tea, good food etc. She would hug me to sleep and basically she honoured her word by wiring me a handsome sum of money.

At first I was happy to take it, but as the months passed, her condition worsened, and I got concerned. I felt extremely reluctant to take her money. One day she collapsed and was taken to hospital. The doctor told me she only had three months to live. As I held her hand, she smiled and said I was the best thing that happened to her and she would inform her family that her ‘male nurse’ would fly over to visit her after her death.

She returned to Indonesia and passed away three months later. I flew over and was devastated that the fun loving lady I once knew was now lying in a wooden box. Her family must have been wondering how close this ‘male nurse’ was to her. I was wondering why her husband kept sending money for her treatment but not actually stay with her.

So you quit after that?

I took a two month break, of which involved going on a meditation retreat. After which, I told myself to be detached and never feel anything for a client again. So after that, I had 3 clients, all one after the other. I only had sex with one of them but the other two ladies, like the first client, only wanted companionship.

The money was good. I bought myself a simple Toyota and a small condominium unit with my earnings, and sent my sister through university. But all this while I was dying inside. I hadn’t had a proper relationship with a woman for 5 years, and I kept having to lie and deceive family and friends that I was working as a door to door salesman.

What are your plans now?

I have enough savings and finances now to last me for a while without a job. I also rent out one room in my apartment to an expat, so there’s some passive income. I will take a course and work freelance…but to be honest, being a boy toy has taken its toll on my soul.

Guys, please don’t do this job. It is not as glamourous as it sounds. The people you meet…and the one you see in the mirror everyday…we are all hollow. Just…empty. All the money in the world can’t buy you happiness- money only makes things easier. Treasure those around you every single day.


Edward recently retired as a male escort. He has gone back to study part time at a local university and wants to go freelance into the wellness industry.