Locanto – Locating Love

One of the major issues of living in modern, major cities is loneliness. Be it Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong, more and more people are realising that although modern societies bring a lot of technological perks, convenience in terms of groceries and amenities as well as advanced medical care, people are feeling more and more isolated.

So one of the things that people do is that they go online to look for companionship. Websites such as Locanto Singapore and craiglist do have personal ad notices where people can post up relationships they are looking for. Of the two, Locanto seems to be more popular. So what is Locanto?

Locanto was conceived by German Business Directory provider Yalwa in 2006. Although parent company Yalwa was a business directory, Locanto was created to be a local classified ads provider.

Locanto Singapore has heaps of ads, not restricted to companionship search (although that is what it is known to be famous for in Singapore) A quick search revealed that real estate, jobs, vehicles and even pets can be advertised online for sale or for purchase.

Now, about personal ads – A quick search online reveals heaps of personal ads, in all aspects: straight, gay, casual, normal friendship and even fetishes. But a lot of Locanto ads are written in a rather vulgar and straightforward manner. Example:

“20 year old Chinese male want to have sex with sweet young thing. Any sweet young thing here want to have good time please PM me


Pardon our bluntness but this isn’t going to get you much romance. When it comes to writing a personal ad, one must be creative – this sets you apart from the other men or women looking for casual relationships or partners.

Now we will offer you step by step solutions on how to write a more attractive ad in the personal sections of Locanto Singapore and attract the kind of partner you desire!

Know your target market

Who is it you really want to attract? The young ladies? The older women? The straight people? LGBT? The types who love fetishes?

Figure out who you wish to target first. Make sure you get specific. For example, if you are a straight, 30+ year old working professional who wishes to look for a woman aged 18-26 who wants to have a casual relationship, say so. The reason being that if you advertise vaguely, you will get vague results. People not in your target market will come knocking on your door, and you don’t want to waste time entertaining them.

Be honest

Now, when we say be honest, we’re not asking you to tell your prospect about the fact you wet your pants when excited or looking at the asses of Persian cats turn you on (unless you’re both into the same fetish).

We’re advising you to state facts as they are. If you are 1.75m instead of 1.9m or 2m, please do not say that you’re as tall as Shaquille O’ Neal.  Or if you tell her you have a penis the size of a horse but yours is average or slightly larger than average.

Be as truthful as possible, and avoid talking like a used car salesman. The other party will appreciate that.

Push your unique selling point

What separates you from the other people out there in the market? Do you have a curvy body? Are you muscular? Do you have a certain talent that women or men look for?

You’d be surprised – Sometimes a sugar daddy or sugar mummy might want a guy/girl who can cook and entertain, some look for companionship where the other party can play a guitar, and even those who purely want sex may look for a certain sexual skill in their partner!

Even physical traits can be a unique selling point – some partners prefer a petite looking male/female. Some prefer someone larger sized. Some like a certain ethnic group. Be warned, however, that physical appearances are subject to change over time so relationships based on looks never last.

Put it all together in a compelling copy

Imagine a world where everything was the same. People greeted each other the same way, clothes look the same, and you couldn’t tell the difference between Nike or Adidas (the horror!)

That is why brands and organizations hire advertising agencies and copywriters to create ads and hypnotic copy that pull people in. Now, we don’t expect you to be a top copywriter but there are some tips you can follow in order to create ads that will grab people by the eyeballs.

  1. Talk about your body that works the imagination –Instead of saying 34D breasts and 29 waist, say something like…”I have an hourglass figure with creamy ivory skin”. That alone would catch the eye as compared to say, “I am a fair skinned 34D girl”
  2. Paint the final picture – Instead of saying: “I want a girl to be friends with benefits” paint a picture: “Have you ever dreamt of hot, steamy love making without the pain and complications of relationships?” That way she can imagine 50 shades of Grey style sex without having to worry about emotional complications.
  3. Shamelessly sell your unique selling point – “I am a petite lady standing at 1.57m with great curves. You can carry me up and penetrate me hard like a cowboy” As mentioned, some men love smaller women because of certain sexual tastes. Some men prefer taller women. If you’re a petite girl who wants to be carried during sex by a strong guy, write to attract men who want petite women so they can carry them up during sex.

Ultimately, when writing a Locanto Singapore ad, it is up to your preference how you want to write it – we simply offer tips on how you can make it compelling, and hopefully these tips will help you snag the partner you really desire.