How to prepare your appointment with an escort Ez141

The event:
How to prepare your appointment with an escort / call girl (Ez141):

Before the appointment:

1. Carefully read the ad that has motivated you to call. The same is sometimes the
information that you want to ask (in Ez141 is easy to find the info)

2. Respect the opening hours of professional: If you from 8:00 to 20:00 do not call
21:00 (she like you meet a schedule)

3. If you want information about certain services and / or rates are not written in the announcement. It is clear and say things clear: ramble leads nowhere and you do not get the information. You want and it just wastes time.

4. Do not call to bind or to get “hot”. Not a phone dating nor
erotic phone (unless it is advertised as such)

5. Find either the minimum time to make the appointment to organize and allow
organize the professional (note displacement, so if you are not
announced the area in question received, do not insist on exact directions if not already
to realize)

6. Be polite and correct. It is professional but person the same as you deserve.
With education and a smile you’ll be much better informed and in turn possibly
you will end up making her feel more comfortable and all this will motivate you more to go
see her.

7. Be clear about what you want before call services (including asking if desired
by kisses variants or complete and total condom use; understood with
this in French and no penetration); Rates (prices and service time), place
(Own apartment, apartment for hours, displacement …), always remembering
New verify the listing. If you ask about it as something written question

8. Make sure if you see it is not clear whether agency or independent floor 100%. Provided
when that can be varied your decision.

9. Know your professional name, so it is worth to you and present
Say your name (real or not is up to each one)

10. You are looking to enjoy, so enjoy and from the call and she notices it
You do. Everything will be more fluid

11. Although it seems to betray our intimacy … always call number
identifiable and not hidden (if the odds are very high non-response)

Other valid considerations to keep in mind are:
Do not send emails asking for directions and so on, or attempt appointment by mail, you can use the phone there have all the information.If economically not you can afford it, do not call. Ask for a discount.This type of service is very offensive.

No call telling me you report, the better:
“Hi, I’m ……… and seen your site, can you give me some more information?”
Ideal places for an encounter: apartment for hours, hotel. Her apartment.If you want it in your home, keep in mind that they do not always happy that, you know beforehand or not, so I Contemplate and if you want it that way tell it from the beginning to not to waste your time or lose.The best complex leave them at home. The physical is not the most important to her.

Do not pretend to be in love with you and do not fall for it.Do not learn any script, or you pretend to be the follarín forest, be yourself,naturally first. She’s not going to impress you telling fantasmadas an escort Ez141. You have experienced situations that you ever will live.

Do not drink alcohol or do drugs.Your body is your heritage, respect it and take care of it.
Do not even try sexual practices she does not tolerate previously talk to her on your tastes and practices, if she says no, do not insist, you can always find another who has similar tastes to yours.And wonder what you ask, it will ensure that ensure you, you imagine what
imagine, you illusions illusions … what you go prepared for a good disappointment or
it will look for you the best experience of your life. As in any exchange
commercial. Because do not forget that is. The main reason is to enjoy it. Enjoy it.
And the next time the same …. and life goes on. Check Ez141 to see what cannot and can

Total punctuality.If the escort is not the girl in the photos, explain your disagreement and go, just so will stop publishing false pictures. If all your customers leave, it will be good for the business.

Payment is made at the beginning of the meeting. Deliver the agreed amount in an envelope open.

It is a process you want to spend with you as soon as possible to enjoy and indulge you.
The pay does not grant rights to enable cross politeness and respect the person with whom we are …

Avoid questions about the personal life of the escort Ez141. Talk of anecdotes. Do not You do questions like: How old are you? and then: What year did you born? This does not, please bothers much to the professional, and it does not make you these questions to you.

Do not even say “if you behave, I behave well with you” or “if you’re good you give
a tip. “That’s typical of a jerk. Do not ever get cocky. Do not stand naked with socks, all out. If you are cold strikes a jump to bed and let the party begin.

Condom always selfishly for you and also for her.If you spend one day together or go out to the street, not bogged down.It lets you have your space. There are girls who do not like to give the public hand, the embrace or kiss, let her be the one to take the initiative if the
want. Do not give the note.

Have fun and especially and above all respected. Never forget paramount:

Beware of loose hairs and aromas in general.

Try not to skip the Shower “after” only with water or unscented algúngel.

Become a review thoroughly before reaching home