HealthSupplements SG is the brainchild of Mr Ardy Ismail, who also created halalmarket SG. Targeting consumers who want natural halal health supplements, HealthSupplements has a wide array of health products in sectors such as Bone and joints, cardiovascular, skin rejuvenation, diet, men’s health and more.

The HealthSupplements webpage also has a blog that dishes out health advice, herbs and natural foods to eat, and why certain vitamins are beneficial for health. Example, Healthsupplements talk about why bittergourd is good for health. This is hardly surprising since HealthSupplements  sell dried fruit and vegetable as well as fruit juices.

Just some of the things HealthSupplements sell include:

Tongkat ali and Honey – a herbal supplement that was created to help deal with coughs and fatigue, killing two birds with one stone. It contains Tongkat ali, Honey, Black Cumin, and other herbs.

Aura white – A formula containing fruit extract, collagen, glutathione, coconut oil, Myrciaria dubia, Oregano and other herbs. Its main goal is to work on the skin cells and help keep the skin supple.

Barakah dates – A leading date producing company, their dates are purchased mainly by Muslims during the fasting period. There are different varieties of dates they sell, and on the blog, they mention the health benefits of dates as well.

Leech extract oil – Extracted from medicinal leeches, the leech oil is traditionally applied externally on the penis and helps the blood to flow to make the penis more engorged.

Mangosteen capsule – The extract of the mangosteen works to supplement the cardiovascular functions, works as an antioxidant and supplements digestion.

Bittergourd juice – Full of antioxidants and vitamins, it is also a vegetable that assists in weight loss, lowering blood pressure and help strengthen the immune system. As pure bittergourd juice is hard to drink, the juice also comes with Green apple juice, honey and vinegar.

Ponds – A well-known facial wash brand, they carry a wide range of washes and toners for both men and women.

One thing that is missing from the HealthSupplements which other competitors have, is a clearance sale or discounted goods section. That is by no means a bad thing, as the prices of their products are already reasonable and most of it are natural, healthy products in comparison to those with artificial ingredients or additives.

There is also an FAQ section should you need to know how to order online, terms and conditions when returning a parcel, as well as a contact section should you need to quickly send an enquiry to them.