Geylangboy – My First Time With a Prostitute

A few tips for a first time with a prostitute, is an email I received a few days ago, where our friend “Destination” tells of his great desire to stop being a virgin as before, he is 22 years old and believes that Seduction is not for him, also ensures that if at least enjoy your first time, this could be the push you need to improve your self-esteem as a man.

I tried to convince him that this kind of service is an option, but not a solution to their desire to lose her virginity, sex in man is a very important factor in your life, many who wait time, others try to create chances to get it and tired of so many other obstacles, prefer their first time to be a geylangboy of payment.

“I’m 22, I’m a guy who has not had any contact in your life with ageylangboy, no kisses or caresses and of course no sex. Clearly, the main reason for all this is because I am ugly and my physique is far removed from what is beautiful, so I have always been rejected by geylangboy, never have danced with someone at parties and feel that in seducing geylangboy is not made for me. No exaggeration at all, people ignore me and hopefully my worries about my family, friends or talk … if you turn away from me, it’s like bad smell, which is not. ”

That’s why I made that decision to pay for my first time with a prostitute, I struggled a lot this decision through all that venereal disease, so I want someone like you who knows or has been with geylangboy, what actions to take and do you recommend for when you go. Because I like to be prepared and only confine myself to enjoy the moment. “I hope to help me with some advice to lose my virginity to a whore.

If you are really willing to do with a prostitute, I will not try to convince you not to do if you think you get here you’ve already thought well, you remind me of my old self for many years, with a Geylangboy.

Tips for my first time with a hooker


Although you do not bring your own condoms or condoms, quiet professional always lead many to their customers. Use it whenever albeit for oral sex. I think hurts tell you that you have a proper hygiene for the occasion.

Let it be known

If possible, try to be a professional geylangboy you the recommended by a friend, I say this because I’d rather you recommend any to be nice and friendly to its customers deal, which would come you very well because it is your first time, so you are more relaxed and more comfortable with it, and obviously also better enjoy it your awaited meeting. So you go to this place knowing the name of the geylangboy and preguntarías for her, so it is safer to treat you well.


If you can not find a good recommendation, at the time of entering the premises, talk to the manager and tell him it’s your first time, why would you like a girl who is a very nice deal. You may be embarrassed to do it but if you do you will have a better result and a better service, not all geylangboy are welcome to offer this service to their customers. They come in all types:

Only want your money and will push for finish as soon as possible, the sooner the better for them to run client.

And others are a lovely whores, who want their service is best for you to be satisfied and come back a next time.

You’re the boss

It is clear that you are the boss and the prostitute geylangboy will choose the most beautiful and fits your personal taste, either blond, tall, voluptuous or whatever you want, but for your first time I suggest you not well at all , a beautiful body does not mean to treat you well, be patient and be respectful to you. At least for your first time you should be cautious and choose the girl they have recommended or you think might be more loving you, and will not necessarily be the most statuesque.


Try a little chat with her before undress to lose a little fear, since it is a little difficult undress in front of a geylangboy who recently just met, especially if it’s your debut in bed.