EZ141 – U are Hot – The FL from Kiev

EZ141 is a popular escort site used by many gentlemen in Singapore. Being an escort site, you would have the usual suspects of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and sometimes, Korean freelancers. We got to know one unique freelancer though, who chose the Far East as her destination – A Ukranian girl who goes by the moniker ‘Svetlana’.

Svetlana’s story is a rather sad one – she was driven out of her comfortable home and lost her father due to the Ukranian civil unrest, and ended up working in Singapore as a freelancer on EZ141. But enough of that, let’s hear her story and what she thinks of local men…

Hi Svetlana! Thanks for taking time to talk to us. How’s things so far?

Well, I very much like Singapore weather. It is a bit hot, but bearable. I feel your country is very safe and stable. Back home, things used to be very stable until those horrible Nazis and their leader Poroshenko came to power. The whole country went downhill and a lot of us left to live in safer places.

Sorry to hear that. Is your family doing well?

Not really, my father was killed by Right Sector, a neo-Nazi group, during the civil war. All because he worked for the Russians. My mum and brother fled to Crimea. At first I went to China to find work. But everyone spoke Mandarin and I was very confused. I didn’t want to go to Australia or USA because I heard that crime rate was high.

We are curious then – why Singapore?

Well, I met this Russian girl in Beijing when I was working there as a freelance translator. I was struggling financially and I had problems communicating with the locals. She was translator in Singapore and she told me it was a nice, clean place with a lot of expatriates. So I packed up my bags and headed to Singapore.

So when you arrived, you went straight to freelance under EZ141?

No! Not yet. At first I found a job doing freelance translation in a private school. But I didn’t like the poor pay and the office environment. I applied to a few MNCs and companies but they were looking for someone with a proper university education and who could speak good English. It was very difficult. I met a Ukrainian girl by chance at a café and she told me that many of them were working as escorts at this place called Orchard towers.

How was the experience there?

Actually I didn’t even start. I just went to look at the place at night. Oh my God. It was terrible. Women were just selling their bodies openly by the side of the building, by the side of the staircase. Men were approaching them, touching them, like piece of meat. I hated it – I told myself even if I had to be an escort, I would be a classy one. Not like these women who let all kinds of men touch them.

In fact, I was almost molested by one when a local guy saved me. He dragged me away and told me it was not safe here and he would buy me coffee.

And was he a businessman who offered you a job?

No, actually he had a team of escorts in this website called EZ141. But he didn’t look like a ‘pimp’. He spoke good English, was well dressed, very polite and nice. He explained to me that all I had to do was tell him the hours I could work, what was off limits to me and where I would go to meet the clients and how much commission he would take. Sorry but money is sensitive to me so I can’t talk about the commission part.

How was it like when starting out?

Awkward. I’ve only had sex with guys I like, so for me to have sex with a paying customer feels very, very strange. My first few customers were American and British ones. To be honest, I didn’t like them at all. They were loud and rude, and there was this American banker who boasted that his penis was bigger than anybody in Asia, but when he took off his pants, I wanted to laugh because they were so tiny! Even the Tuvans (Asiatic looking people) back home have way bigger penises than him!

Any good customers so far?

(Pauses) A few. Some of the locals are nice. The Indian and Malay customers are respectful and interesting people. Many people joke about Asian penises, but theirs is quite good and they are quite fun in bed. I had two Singapore Chinese customers so far, I would say that the Singapore Chinese guys are bigger and taller than their China cousins, and also the penis is thicker and harder. Quite impressive. Singapore customers are curious. They ask me: “why you doing this?”

When I tell them I have no choice but to earn money, they are surprised. They think that white people, especially Europeans, are rich and come to Asia to start companies. It’s not true. We have to work for our keeps also. I mean, given a choice I would have liked to live in Kiev, find a nice job and have a nice boyfriend but things aren’t quite working out now.

What are your plans?

Well, I think I will save up enough money to send to my mother and brother, and do English course. Right now I have quit advertising on EZ141 and switched to Locanto so I hope I can get more customers there. Who knows what the future holds? I like your country though, but will a local boy marry prostitute? I don’t think so…