Backpage Singapore- Living life in the back lane

In the lion city, there are many spicy businesses and services (we’re not talking chilli here) that one can find. Despite its squeaky clean image, Singapore is home to a host of rather interesting services, such as tantric massage, manhood massage and a lot of other, how should we put it, personal transactions. One place where people advertise their services is Backpage Singapore.

The layout of Backpage Singapore is it itself very dodgy looking- it looks like a flipped webpage where people park adsense and hope to earn some income. However, there are a couple of interesting services one can see – such as escorts, body rubs, strippers etc.

One person who advertises her services on such portals is Suki. Suki looks like any sweet faced 23 year old on the streets of Singapore or Johor, except that she has probably seen more naked men and penises than most girls. That is because she works as a masseuse doing what is popularly known as gonad massage or in mandarin, ‘grab the root’.

“Well, to be honest this is an illegal form of massage in Singapore but most of the times the authorities close one eye,” says the petite, lovely looking young lady in mandarin. “I have men who ask if there are other services but I’m not going to have sexual intercourse with them.”

Suki earns around $80 for every session she conducts. Ironically, she started out wanting to be a nurse here instead.

“I come from a small town near Johor Bahru. When growing up I wanted to be a nurse but my family could not afford to send me to university. So I decided, okay maybe I will come to Singapore to study and work then we will see what happens.”

Suki eventually got herself a job in Singapore working in retail.  She hated the working hours utterly.

“A lot of local customers and some from overseas are really nasty. They will demand the universe but not pay for it. So many times I went home almost crying because of the abuse I received from customers.  So I wanted to look for something that would earn me more money.”

While renting an apartment with a girl from China, she was surprised at how much her roommate brought home daily. She was also enticed by the Coach and Chanel bags her roommate would lavish upon herself. So she asked her what she did for a living.

“At first I was shocked to learn that she gave men this thing called man hood massage or juagen. I thought it was a nasty thing to sell your body. But my roommate assured me that there was no intercourse involved, she just massaged their penis or use her hands to make them shoot out their sperm. Once in a while she was okay to give a blowjob but she told me it was not necessary.”

Suki learnt how to massage the perineum, stroke the scrotum, the shaft, and encourage bloodflow through it. The learning process was awkward, full of giggles and she eventually managed to get the hang of it…all on a banana and two mangosteens. She protests that if she had done it on a real man, she would have pulled his penis off!

Her roommate also showed her how to use the Backpage Singapore site to advertise her services, what to say to prospective customers, and handling customers who ask for sexual intercourse.

Two weeks after her ‘training’ she met her first customer…and awkwardly, she recognised him from her previous job.

“My first customer was this guy whom I thought looked very familiar. While I was sitting on his back massaging him, I realized who he was – two days before I resigned from the retail shop, he had come in with a very demanding woman. I suspect she was his girlfriend. He apologized to me after she had made things difficult for me. So he kept looking at me and saying I was familiar. But the conversation never went beyond that.”

She did however, say that he did have a surprise in store – huge genitals. It was easy for her to stroke his testicles and penis because of the size and the similarity to her training tools. She wasn’t so impressed with a lot of other customers though.

“Funny enough, the Singapore guys aren’t as small as I thought. Many of them have short but thick penises. Same with Japanese clients. I’m surprised at how beautifully hard, thick and strong their penises are. The ones who disappoint me are the foreigners from the west.  I always thought they were huge but they are just average, on par with Singapore penises.”

Some customers also had preferences and fetishes which she found troubling at first, but got used to it later.

“Because of my youthful looks, some want me to wear schoolgirl uniform, others want me to wear a cheongsam, and some want me to wear a maid uniform. At first I was really shocked but now I know that this is normal. Everyone has their fantasy – I once dreamt of marrying Park Hae Jin (Korean actor) but this is just a fantasy, of course.”

She was thrilled at the earnings she made at first, but realized that this was not an industry she wanted to make a living in.

“I could finally afford a coach bag and even eat at nice restaurants with my house mates and some friends. But when people ask you what you do, you feel a sense of shame. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse but now I’m massaging penises.”

Suki has decided that she would work for a while more in this line to earn the money she desperately needs.

“My family back home needs money. I’ve set aside some to send to them, as well as saved some for myself. I want to study part time and get a good job. Then I can tell my friends and family that I have a respectable occupation.”